Monday, September 10, 2007

fresh out of college...and feeling the affects.

Its been a short month since my internship has finished. My last financial aid check is about a full $50 strong. Any income is nonexistent and rent is once again due in 20 days. I could take the easy way out and move back home, but Im not one to give up to easily. If I would have given up when times got difficult before I would have fucked up hearing, never graduated high school, never been in college, never have taken a class on photograph, and would never be where I am now. Its most likely normal to struggle in the beginning. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. Success is never easy.

Then again....Im only a month out of college. My whole life is ahead of me, Im only 23. So for now Ill keep pushing on, handing out resumes, networking, updating my site, and keep shooting. Thats really all I can do and make things turn to my favor.

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